Fix your window fast by calling on our glass repair technicians. When a window in your house is broken, you need the most reliable service available. Because of the threats of theft or damage from nature, you don’t have any time to waste when there is damage to your home. Count on our professional glass company in Tallahassee, FL, to provide effective and efficient solutions.

Our glass specialists are committed to delivering quality products and services that outshine the competition. We are the glass experts, and no job is too big or too small for us. No matter what types of glass services you need, be it glass repair or glass installation, turn to our skilled and experienced technicians to get your home back in order.

We are experienced in all areas of glass repair and replacement. Whether you want us to replace a simple plate window broken by a baseball or you need to reframe a window entirely, count on our professional staff. The first step to our speedy glass repair is assessing the damage and giving you a full and fair estimate, both with regard to cost and time for completion. We can also perform any upgrades to your windows at this time. After the working plan is complete, our highly trained work team will swing into action to get the window repaired on time and on budget.


Our glass company is one of the largest independent glass companies in the Southeast, so you can count on us as your go-to source for glass repair. We have locations throughout the Southeast and have been in business since 1926. Our mission is to provide the finest products and services in the glass industry. We are a family-owned-and-operated business that employs conservative and ethical business practices in all that we do. You can count on us for all of your glass repair needs. We always do it right the first time.

Excellence in services and in our products is what separates us from the competition. Our glass experts can help you choose the right glass installation components for your home, office, store front, or vehicle. Don’t let a crack or chip in your glass get you down. We offer a variety of glass replacement and repair services to meet your needs.

Upgrading the exterior of your home with a new glass feature is one of the most impressive ways to add to the beauty of your home and update its curb appeal. Our professionals provide quality services that can help you redesign your home and create a clean, polished look. Some of our products and services include the following:

 Window Repair & Replacement
 Sliding Glass Doors
 Shower Glass Enclosures
 Hurricane Glass
 Tabletop & Desktop Glass
 Glass Shelving
 Patterned Glass
 Framed Glass
 And More!


Let our glass professionals keep you and your family safe with expert glass repair and installation services. No one wants to spend even one night with a broken window on their house, which is why we provide quick and reliable glass solutions. Each technician at our glass company strives to ensure you don’t have to spend any longer that what is necessary to get your repairs done. We won’t rest until your house is back to normal.

Our professionals have decades of expertise in repairing and replacing glass. We know the difference between a minor chip that can be solved with resin, or a major crack that has to be completely replaced. We never recommend a service that you don’t actually need. Call us to set up a consultation so we can look over your broken or faulty windows. Our professionals can come out to meet you and give you a fair estimate of the glass replacement or installation services you need.

Sometimes, even if your windows aren’t broken, they can still be improved with replacement. Dated or improperly functioning windows are not energy efficient, which can lead to higher monthly utility bills. When you turn to our glass company, however, we can recommend better windows that can save you money in the long term.

There are several signs that it might be time to replace your windows. If your glass is single pane, they are too thin to effectively insulate your home. This means you’ll be spending more time with the air conditioner on just to try to keep your home cool. Double pane windows are more effective at not only insulating the air temperature, but also the outside noise. If you take advantage of our glass services, you’ll see how much peace and quiet you were missing out on before.

Other signs that you need to replace your windows are if the seals don’t work properly, if it is difficult (or impossible) to open and close the windows, or if there is condensation between the panes. Condensation is typically a sign of a chip, crack, or faulty seal, which makes your windows less effective at insulating your home. By replacing windows in any of these situations, you can cut your energy consumption by a significant amount. This is not only good for your bottom line, but also for the environment.

One of the other great benefits of our glass installation services—and one that can also leave you with more money in your pocket—is the fact that new windows lead to higher property value. When you sell your home, buyers look at every detail. The small investment in new glass can lead to a much higher resale value.